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Airclean work exclusively within the super yacht industry and have undertaken work on over 100 yachts ranging from 20m in length to 165m. From experience gained working on a large variety of different systems we consider ourselves to be the experts on the cleaning of yacht ventilation systems. The testament to this claim can be evidenced by our growing repeat-client list, many of whom are prepared to have us travel to them, whether they be in Spain, France or Germany, in order to carry out the work to the standard that they require and we provide. Airclean have carried out work on board the following yachts:


M/Y Amnesia
S/Y Alejandro
M/Y Ace
M/Y Bakhshish
M/Y Blue Attraction
M/Y Blue Shadow
M/Y Calisto
M/Y C2
M/Y Constellation
M/Y Coral Island
S/Y Creole
M/Y Blue Shadow
M/Y CD Two
M/Y Al Mirqab
M/Y Pelorus
M/Y Eminence
S/Y Hyperion
M/Y Fadlallah
M/Y Eclipse
M/Y Indigo Star
M/Y Enigma
M/Y Katharine
M/Y Kingdom
M/Y Kiss The Sky
M/Y Lady Beatrice
S/Y Kokomo
S/Y Mondango
M/Y Saint Nicolas
M/Y Passion
M/Y Were Dreams
S/Y Prana
M/Y Caliope
M/Y Nati Tre
M/Y Amevi
S/Y Is a Rose
S/Y Anna Christina
S/Y Huckleberry
S/Y Pink Gin
M/Y Astralium
M/Y Sequel P
M/Y Deniki
M/Y Titan
M/Y Lady Georgina

S/Y Ganesha I
M/Y Leander
M/Y Libertad
M/Y Limitless
S/Y Mikado
M/Y Mylin IV
M/Y Luna
M/Y Pelorus
M/Y Roxana
M/Y Salem
M/Y Sanora
M/Y Secret Love
M/Y Shandor
M/Y Talitha G

M/Y Tatasu
M/Y Tatoosh
M/Y Teleost
M/Y Tranquility
M/Y Vabene
M/Y Ultima III
S/Y Unplugged
M/Y Vava
M/Y Sussurro
S/Y Nashira
M/Y Ecstasea
S/Y Ranger
M/Y Solemar
S/Y Galaxia
M/Y Triple 7
M/Y Were Dreams
M/Y Katara
M/Y Oasis
M/Y One O One
M/Y Ilona
M/Y Jo
M/Y Christina G
S/Y Melek
M/Y Integrity
M/Y Blue Eyes
M/Y Stargate
M/Y La Mirage
M/Y Slipstream
M/Y Roma

S/Y Prana
M/Y Tigre D'Or
M/Y Rasselas
M/Y Legend
M/Y Oneness
S/Y Twizzle
M/Y Charisma
M/Y Hokulani
S/Y Hyperion
M/Y Domani
S/Y Mondango 3
S/Y Nilaya
S/Y Antares
M/Y Ascari
S/Y Parsifal III
M/Y Blue Eyes
M/Y TaTii
M/Y Awatea
M/Y Ramble on Rose
M/Y Samax
S/Y Saudade
S/Y Blue Papillon
M/Y Hush
S/Y Zenji
M/Y Aziza
M/Y Lady Rose

S/Y P2

S/Y Palmira

S/Y Bayesian
.....and many more




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07141 Marratxi


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