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Paint Overspray Extraction Machines - History

At the beginning of 2002, Airclean was commissioned by Pinmar, one of the leading European yacht painting companies, to produce a filtered extract system that would solve their overspray problems and comply with new legislation. Airclean worked in conjunction with Pinmar throughout 2002. All trial machines were tested in the field under different conditions until the ideal filtration system that worked with the amount of airflow required was established. The filter had to be fine enough to prevent any passing of wet or dry paint particles through the extract unit, comply with current legislation and also to be able to work within an acceptable period before it blocked.

Having developed these machines to the satisfaction of Pinmar, Airclean are now offering them for sale to other paint applicators and companies that need filtered extraction. As well as being used for paint overspray filtration they are equally effective in the filtration of any other dry particulate matter, as they accept a wide range of different filtration media. The units are manufactured in two standard sizes, 5000 m�/hr (the Airclean 5000) and 15,000 m�/hr (the Airclean 15000), but can be custom built to the client's specification. All units are stamped with the CE certification mark and also have the latest explosive atmosphere compliancy rating markings.


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