There are many companies involved with providing indoor air quality cleaning services, Airclean is the only one devoted  exclusively to the super yacht industry. This is reflected in our methodology of cleaning yacht systems, based on shore-based industry- standard ventilation cleaning principles, but adapted to the more space-restricted and usually more complex systems found on board yachts. Our general background of marine systems and maintenance procedures also enables us to go beyond just cleaning the systems, but also carry out additional measures such as corrosion treatment, insulation repair and recommend or carry out modifications to improve the systems where required. The following is a list of work that is normally recommended to thoroughly clean a yacht's ventilation system.

Cleaning of the make-up air handlers and fresh air inlet ducting.
Cleaning of the ducting from the air handlers to interior outlets and returns from inlets .
Cleaning of the fan-coil units and any associated ducting.
Cleaning of the sanitary extract ducting and extract fans.
Cleaning of the galley extract duct and associated extract fan.
Cleaning of the laundry dryers, extract ducting and any associated fans.
Cleaning of the engine room air supply and extract system.

Paint Over-spray Extraction Units

Having  being commissioned in 2002 by a leading European yacht painting company to solve the problem of environmental contamination due to over-spray from paint spraying applications, Airclean  developed a range of portable extraction units for the filtration of wet and dry particulate matter produced as effluent in the painting process. These machines have since been copied by various other companies and Airclean no longer provides the units.

Filter Supply

Airclean can source a wide range of filtration material, filter cartridges and customised filters for any application where air filtration is needed.

Anti-Mould and Anti-bacterial Coatings

Extensively used to prevent the growth of mould in ducting and air handling machinery, these EPA approved coatings can be applied to any porous or non-porous surface to provide a durable, elastic coating that does not permit microbiological growth on its surface. Its properties have been proven to last for many years, even in extreme conditions. The product also serves as a mechanical repair coating for application to de-graded insulation materials where the insulation is difficult to replace.

CCTV Inspection

Airclean have available several CCTV inspection cameras with their own LED light source that can enter into ducting or tubing as small as 50mm in diameter. Results can be viewed in full colour and video or still photos recorded for analysis and report.

Fire Damage Restoration

Airclean have carried out complete post-fire clean-ups in engine rooms and machinery spaces aboard several yachts. This work is always undertaken to the standards specified by the insurance company covering the damage.

Engine Exhaust Cleaning

Utilising the same cleaning methods as used for ductwork cleaning, Airclean can effectively remove all built-up soot deposits from dry-stack generator and main engine exhaust tubing. This has been successfully carried out on many large yachts to the satisfaction of the chief engineer and, more importantly, the deck crew responsible for the daily cleaning-up of exhaust emissions!


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